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Shipping Agency in Brazil. World Shipping Agenciamentos is a shipping agency in Brazil, located in Santos port, who operating vessel in all brazilian ports with specialized professionals in business shipping.

We operate as a full-service shipping agent in Brazil for all Brazilian ports with experienced professionals in shipping business

Shipping agency in Brazil is with World Shipping Agenciamentos

World Shipping Agenciamentos



Responsible top protect Owners interests, mainly when the vessels is consigned to another / different party ( Port Agent). It can be also responsible to attend some husbandry matters (such as crew change, spare parts, delivery of goods on board, provisions, repairs, etc.).

Responsible for acting as agent of record for the vessel, and its responsabilities which includes entering the ship with local authorities, arranging for free pratique, coordinating the operations in port with master/receivers-shippers/stevedoring agents-terminals, arranging for pilots, tugs and mooring services, preparing the "Statement of Facts" and signing it as agents of the vessel, and also following all "Principals" instructions as regards to the ship's operations.

​​​​​​​Ship's husbandry matters are not considered as part of the Port Agent's duties and thus, in some situations, due to their natures (pollution, claims, collisions, accidents, stranding, official investigation by local authorities, etc.), it is convenient to have "Protecting Agent" in charge of such matters, acting on behalf of Owners or even Charterers.  

Responsible to attend following services, but not limited to: supply of fresh water, provisions, bunkers and/or lubricants; phone services to master/crew; medical assistance and/or other services to the master/crewmembers; mail and delivery of goods, handling spare parts and/or any other kind of material needed on board, repairs (including shipyard repairs); crew changes and repatriation, including transportation and hotel accommodation, inspections and/or renewal of certificates, etc.

Intervenes on third parties' account/interests and is not related to the tasks of the Port Agent nor of the Protecting Agent. It is responsible to keep the Principal informed about vessel's call/operation, or even only about an specific matter pertinent to cargo or the vessel

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The definition of LAYTIME by Bimco (Baltic and International Maritime Conference) is "the period of time agreed between the parties during which the Owner will make and keep the vessel available for loading or discharging without payment additional to the freight".

​​​​​​​The purpose of "Laytime Calculation" is to determine whether on completion of loading or discharge operations, dispatch is payable to the charterers or demurrage is due to the owners.

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